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You will find brief information of Miombo and our approach below.
Miombo woodlands

Facts about Miombo

Miombo is a non-profit NGO providing technical assistance to rural development based on the principles of economic, ecological and social sustainability. We focus on forest and water resources as the foundation for a stable climate, food production and social welfare.

Name and area
Miombo has no limited geographical area of interest, but has so far most experience from Africa, namely the countries belonging to the miombo region e.g. Tanzania and Zambia.

The name "Miombo" is an African word which describes the open woodland areas ( 3 mill square km ) which are covering most part of the eastern and southern African region. This is a region rich in both minerals and other natural resources like water, vaste land, forests and wildlife. In spite of this the natural resources in the area is under pressure because of population movements, deforestion and other exploitation of natural resources.

The Miombo woodlands play a vital role concerning rainfall patterns and under-ground water resources in this region and it is also the source of several large rivers e.g. the rivers Congo, Zambezi, Limpopo and Kvango. The village populations of the region have good traditions based on utilization of local natural resources and they are very sensitive to environmental changes, e.g. changes in rainfall pattern.

General scope
Miombo is focused on community development initiatives which can stimulate small scale businesses based on sustainable management of natural resources like water, land, forests and wildlife. This includes projects within sectors like agriculture, forestry and other natural resources, while at the same time supporting education, health services and other sectors relevant to the local community. Miombo has an open source and an open minded approach.

Miombo is initiating or joining projects which are directed towards rural or peri-urban communities and households, which are implemented in close collaboration with local organisations and authorities. The organisation will encourage development projects which are characterized by interdisciplinary approach, long term perspective and in respect of local traditions. Our members are representing a variety of professional backgrounds. Many of them with previous practical experience from development projects at local level with knowledge about relevant technology, project implementation, and experienced on cultural issues. We emphasize training, monitoring, observation and evaluation. Look at our List of reference.

Primary initiatives
Miombo has identified the improvement of the household energy sector as a leverage point for addressing a cluster of other development priorities including health, gender issues, natural resources management and climate change.

Miombo promote The Green Solution Concept, which aims to develop a sustainable system based on locally produced and marketed stoves and household fuel, as well as the “newly discovered” opportunities of biochar – “Terra Preta”. The Peko Pe stove invented by the architect Paal Wendelbo, is one of the most promising cookingstove technologies that are currently available.

Charcoal and the traditional use of firewood cover more than 80% of household energy in many countries in development. According to WHO 2009, almost two million deaths per annum are associated with the burning of solid fuels indoors in unventilated kitchens. This makes household energy issues to one of the major health problems in the world.

Charcoal is the most common form of local commodity for export to urban areas and abroad. Forests is cut at a high rate and converted into charcoal through a process with large energy loss (60-75%). As an easy accessible energy source, charcoal has a growing market. While deforestation is steadily increasing, population groups are affected by dried out watersheds and major changes in local climate. Local households are often aware of the consequences, but do not have the capacity or technology to change course. We would like to focus on any type of dry biomass such as chips, pellets and briquettes to be used as fuel in improved and tested stoves. This applies both to clean burning (no smoke, very low CO and PM content), and efficient fuel consumption. We would also like to mention our open approach to other technologies, especially regarding regional differences that could make other energy sources and technologies more suitable e.g. agricultural waste for biogas or biofuels.

The issues of household energy are in most countries tied into overall structural and political conditions. We assume that the main challenges lies in developing a system that makes it economically advantageous to change the form of production and the use of new types of biomass and stoves. Due to many years of experience on household energy the main focus should be switched from stoves to a combined package of stoves and suitable biomass. Any entering points, like design, accessories and other innovative technologies, are important for efficiency and impact on adaption. Miombo promotes furthermore that local production should be in focus, because of the potential of lowering the energy costs and to create local employment through small scale businesses.

Miombo is for the time being working completely on voluntary basis.

Organisation no.: 986 434 712 NO
Bank account: 6401 06 31 015

Contact phone: ( + 47 ) 95216167, 47751740, 91650558.

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Skog - Vann - Liv

Miombo er ressursbank og støttespiller for landsbyutvikling basert på økonomisk, økologisk og sosial bærekraft.

Miombo setter fokus på skog og vannressurser som fundament for stabilt klima, matproduksjon og sosial velferd.

Faktaark om Miombo

The Green Solution Concept

The Bioenergy Program

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